5 Things You Need to Know About Crow’s Feet

5 Things You Need to Know About Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet are the creases, fine lines or deep lines (wrinkles) that appear around the corners of the eyes. One important thing to note is that wrinkles and crow’s feet are very related and caused by almost the same contributing factor. They can also be reduced or erased by some potent skin tightening cream and serums. now read PotentLift Reviews .

A crow’s feet can be dynamic or static just like in the case of wrinkles. They are dynamic if they only appear when there’s a contraction in your face. This contraction occurs when you smile, frown, squint or laugh.

The static crow’s feet are the permanent feature (wrinkles) on your face. They appear either you use a facial expression or not.

Breakdown of Collagen and Elastin

Wrinkles around the eye (crow’s feet) are the result of collagen and elastin breakdown in the body. These two important elements are the protein-rich connecting tissues that give strength and elastic support to the skin.

Some other contributing factors to breaking down of elastin and collagen synthesis are aging, penetrating and damaging power of ultraviolet rays, smoking, alcohol, and the difference in genetic blueprints.

Ultraviolet Radiation

Ultraviolet rays emitted by the sunlight is also a risk factor. How? There are two types of ultraviolet radiation that causes damage to human skin cells. They are the UV-A and UV-B. UV-B can cause sunburn and increase the likeliness of cancer while UV-A is responsible for photoaging, and more precisely, wrinkles formation. Ultra rays penetrate deeper into the second layer of the skin—dermis and weaken or destroy the production of collagen.

Smoking is bad

If you smoke, you already know that you have to stop. There are thousands of toxic chemicals in the tobacco smoke that impairs the normal skin cell activities. For example, nicotine narrows the blood vessel that supplies the outer skin with oxygen, blood, and essential nutrients. This condition makes the skin less plump, moisturized and hydrated. The result is wrinkle (crow’s feet) around the eye region.

You can Prevent wrinkle

Incorporate more nutrient giving foods into your diets. There are so many protein-rich foods that can help you repair and build new natural proteins like collagen in your body. Foods like milk, oats, almonds, and egg will be awesome
for your skin.

At some point, aging will set in. What is incredibly bad is to develop wrinkles earlier than expected. For example, if you smoke, experts say you’d look 1.4 years older than your peers that don’t smoke. The best way is to stop smoking. It may not be easy but it will worth it.

While you are at it, embrace good wrinkle cream or other potent, rapid anti aging serum and products.

Also, you can protect yourself from harmful ultraviolet radiation by applying and reapplying sunscreen as necessary.


There is a lot you can do about your skin to make it firm, supple, plump and look younger than your real age. For example, if you maintain proper nutrition, stay clear of unhealthy habit and follow all the tips we’ve shared, you will see a shift in your appearance.

However, to accelerate the facelift without surgical procedures, you can apply face lift cream, tightening creams or serums. Facelift serums are effective because they contain active, natural ingredients that penetrate faster and deeper into the skin layers to promote collagen.

Can Face Serum Fight Adverse Effect of Ultraviolet

Ever heard about face serum or wrinkle cream? You might have heard about it in your quest to rejuvenate your face skin. We all want our face to retain its youthful look irrespective of our age. For that reason, you might have got many rapid wrinkle serum in your beauty box. No one is immune from aging.

Surprisingly, aging is not the only factor that plays a significant role in how our face skin sags and lose its elasticity. Factors like alcohol, diet, smoke and ultraviolet rays are also determinants.

Ultraviolet rays emitted from the sunlight will be our focus in this post.

Ultraviolet Rays?

Ultraviolet rays are harmful radiation in which its primary source is the sun. Repeated or prolonged exposure to sunlight causes a lot of damage to the skin which ranges from sunburn, tanning to the risk of skin cancer. Not only that, ultraviolet rays create aging conditions like lines and wrinkles.

Ultraviolet and Wrinkles

There is a particular supportive tissue in the dermis—the skin middle layer called collagen. It is responsible for strengthening of the skin to make it supple, firm and wrinkle resistant. When collagen level drops, the skin starts to sag and wrinkle become obvious. Aging can warranty drop in collagen level, but exposure to the sunlight has been proved as another accelerating factor.

Any Prevention?

There is a lot to do to prevent them in the first place. It’s not too late to start if you
have started experiencing damage by ultraviolet rays.

Some may require the addition of more protection, making a shift in your lifestyle, diet and others may be connected to applying the best wrinkle cream or an instant facelift serum.

Apply Sunscreen

Sunscreen with higher SPF 30 factor will be very useful. Apply and reapply it for as long as you will be in beach or out there. You can also schedule your outing to later in the evening or early in the morning.

Use Sunglasses

There are lots of sunglasses out there. Some of these glasses will absorb or scatter the harmful ultraviolet rays. What you should be shooting for is a sunglass that provides at least 95—100% protection.

Eat a healthy diet

Limit your sugar intake. Sugar damage the blocks of protein in your body and also decrease the production of collagen. Instead, embrace vegetables and nutrient-rich foods.


The “job” of alcohol is to dehydrate your body. Therefore, if you can’t do without alcohol, limit your daily intake. You can also drink occasionally, not to be an everyday ritual.

Facelift Supplements

Facelift serum is widely regarded as one of the best anti aging products. They are produced from natural ingredients of tiny molecules that create
a top veil of essential minerals—to rejuvenate your face and eliminate any aging signs of wrinkles.

Do They Work?

How safe and effective a facelift serum will be will largely depend on the ingredients the manufacturer use. For example, there’s an ingredient called humectants which supply and help retain the skin moisture. This humectant is of two types called natural and synthetic humectants.

The natural humectants, which hyaluronic acidis an example, attract and retain moisture to the skin.  Hyaluronic acid also helps the skin internal moisturizing
mechanism to work efficiently. The reverse is the case in synthetic humectants.
Their long term use will adversely affect the skin.

For this reason, some of the fast wrinkle cream or serum advertised out there not very useful because of synthetic humectant and many more less potent ingredients.


part 2

How Facelift Serums Work In Removing Face and Eye Wrinkles

Recent advancement in facelift procedures have given birth to so many rapid anti aging products like instant facelift serum and many more. Do they work? Before we address that, let’s see how facial and eye wrinkles are developed.

Wrinkles and Crow’s Feet

Wrinkles are the creases, lines and ridges in the skin that appear most prominently on the face. One reason for the skin to be the most prominent site is because it’s the most area exposed to external factors like ultraviolet rays.

 There are two types of wrinkles called dynamic and static wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkle are obvious when there’s a “face move” like frowning, squinting or laughing. On the other hand, static wrinkle are the permanent lines that are not hard to spot.

Crow’s Feet on the other hand, are the wrinkles that appear around the corners of the eyes. They are quick to form and are more noticeable because there’s no sebaceous gland in the region and the skin around the eyes is very thin.

Contributing Factors

External factors like sun damage, excessive intake of alcohol, smoking and poor diet can speed up the appearance of wrinkles. However, aging is the primary factor. For example, as we age, there’s decrease in the production of collagen and elastin—the protein-rich layer that provides strength, firmness, suppleness and wrinkle resistance skin.

How Facelift Serum Works

You’ve probably heard about the word facelift? It’s is the cosmetic surgery procedures that targets areas affected with aging signs like lines, crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles and face wrinkles. However, there’s been a shift in the face lifting procedures which includes rapid anti aging products like lotion, moisturizers, instant skin tightening cream and serums.

One of the best anti-wrinkle skin care supplements is rapid wrinkle serum. Normally, serums ingredients molecules are tiny in compare to wrinkle cream. Parts of the protection the skin provides is to be selective of the particles, compound it allows to enter the skin.

Therefore, molecules of many anti aging product can sit on the surface of the skin without getting past the surface. The tinnier the molecules the easier it penetrates and deliver anti aging benefits.

Also, serum contains more active and natural ingredients. For example, some wrinkle serums contain peptides, the chains of amino acids—the building blocks of acid which are very effective in long term build up of collagen. Not only that, hyaluronic acid serum is very important to attract and retain moisture and they are present top anti aging products.

However, not every products advertised as wrinkle serum are efficient in removing wrinkles and fine lines because they contain little or no natural ingredients.



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