And then there was PotentLift.

The #1 rated innovative formulated instant face & neck lift product. Reduce under eye bags, wrinkles, fine lines & dark circles instantly in one minute or less.



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Works instantly to temporarily freeze the look of wrinkles and tighten the skin’s appearance

Made with proven active ingredients, natural botanicals and plant stem cells found in the top anti-aging creams.

Offers long-term anti-aging benefits for refreshed, radiant and younger-looking skin.

Multi-action formula targets puffy eyes, eye wrinkles, crow’s feet, sagging skin, creases on the forehead, crepey neck skin and wrinkles around the mouth—all areas that are traditionally treated with injectables and fillers.

Clinically tested and formulated by expert chemists, No animal testing, Made in the USA.



PotentLift is the result of years of research into how skin ages. A team of skin-science experts and leading chemists came together with one goal: Create a rapid facelift serum that worked to visibly correct wrinkles in a single application, and make that product accessible to everyone. The result? A comprehensive solution for fine lines, eye wrinkles, sagging skin, wrinkles around the mouth and puffy eyes—without complicated steps, dermatologist treatments or surgery.

PotentLift combines optimal concentrations of ingredients found in the top anti-wrinkle creams in one product that delivers superior results. PotentLift is scientifically formulated, clinically tested and loved by beauty experts, bloggers, and women and men of all ages who want tighter, smoother skin, fast.

91% Reported decrease in the depth of forehead lines*

93% Reported decrease in the appearance of smile lines*

96% Reported decrease in the appearance of under eye bags*

95% Reported decrease in the appearance of under eye dark circles*

95% Reported decrease in the appearance of crow’s feet & wrinkles surrounding the eyes*

92% Reported decrease in the appearance of crepey neck skin and wrinkles around the mouth*


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PotentLift’s advanced formulation contains the most effective anti-aging serum ingredients, scientifically formulated to deliver rapid and long-term benefits for healthy, youthful-looking skin.

CHONDRUS CRISPUS (SEAWEED) EXTRACT: Nutrient-rich seaweed extract nourishes the skin with vitamins and minerals, including calcium and magnesium. It helps to hydrate and condition the skin, so it feels soft, supple and healthy.

POTENT PEPTIDE COMPLEX Peptides act as tiny messengers within the skin. They can signal the skin to repair and support elasticity. They also help to inhibit the muscular contractions that cause expression lines and wrinkles. PotentLift’s blend of unique peptides includes hexapeptides and pentapeptides that work together to minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkle depth and skin imperfections.

BOTANICAL STEM CELL COMPLEX Açai palm, Chinese basil and white oak tree plants were specially selected for their ability to thrive in harsh conditions, such as high altitudes, heat and dryness. Because of their survival capabilities, the stem cells extracted from these plants have potent antioxidant benefits. These rare botanical stem cells pass on powerful protective properties to the skin, helping to defend against free radical damage that causes wrinkles, dehydration and other signs of aging.

MINERAL COMPLEX Natural minerals derived from purified Bentonite clay provide an immediate skin tightening effect that dramatically improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and puffy eyes.

HYALURONIC ACID Hyaluronic acid is a powerful humectant that can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. It attracts and holds moisture to the skin, leaving it hydrated, smooth and plump-looking.



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I was very curious about Potentlift and after much deliberation I finally took a chance and ordered it. I must admit I was a little skeptical but I was also excited at the prospect of it actually working. I am 47 and work on camera frequently, and am hyper aware of how youthful my face looks. I have noticed that my eyelids are less perky and firm ( and are starting to sag! :-//) and that freaks me out! I was hoping Potentlift would help firm and lift my eyelids most of all. When I received my package it was late at night when I finally opened it and I had to try it right away. I used a very small amount at first on CLEAN SKIN (very important) just on my forehead, eyelids, and around my eyes. I definitely felt the lifting and tightening and noticed that it left my skin smooth enough to apply make up over it. It had a nice effect and I was pleased. The next day I covered my whole face and used it more liberally. I definitely felt my whole face became tighter and firmer! Especially my eyelids! And I noticed that the small lines in my forehead and around my eyes (crows feet) also had improved. I tried to mix it with some other products a day or so later (eye cream) and it lessened its effects considerably, so I do not recommend that. But on clean skin it works great! …and if you have oily skin like me make sure to absorb the oil before the application. It’s a great product for those days when you need a little “lift” :)) which may just become everyday for me!

Grace Bell

I am writing this review about Potentlift because I wanted to share my experience. I am an avid purchaser of fun beauty enhancement products and while some just plain don’t work at all, some actually do, to one degree or another. I was pleasantly surprised with Potentlift. I expected for it to freeze up my skin in a stiff way and to feel and look unnatural… like another product I tried a number of years ago that claimed to do the same thing. Potentlift absorbed easily and naturally into my skin and lifted and tightened my skin in a subtle but strong manner. I also have issues with dark circles and eye bags and was hoping to get some effect and relief from this product for those issues. At first it helped somewhat. It tightened the area underneath my eyes and that made it better. So I continued to use it daily and after about a week or so I definitely noticed that it had a cumulative effect and improved the bags under my eyes overall and also improved my dark circles. I still use my concealer under and around my eyes, as anyone with this issue knows it’s a stubborn one, but it definitely helps. Make sure to use a water based concealer and foundation, because it blends much better with Potentlift than oil based products. I live in Canada and appreciate products from the US, especially ones that produce rapid results and have a strong and immediate effect! And it lasts for several hours. Definitely recommend.

Betty Jackson

I am a middle aged female with the usual situation of wanting tighter and younger skin. I use Botox regularly but was looking for a stronger lift than what Botox actually accomplishes. I purchased Potentlift mostly out of wanting to get an overall lift but also to address the lines around my mouth and some lines that are starting to appear on my neck. Within a few seconds to a minute after applying Potentlift I experienced a strong energizing feeling all over my face and neck. The lift was immediate and powerful and I felt in a much more powerful way what I feel when I get my Botox done, a smooth and relaxed firmness. I was really impressed. I did use a little too much in one area around my eyes and figured out that getting just the right amount for my skin was key. I moved on to my neck and the lines around my mouth. The immediate firming and smoothing effect helped to firm and tighten that area also. And it absorbed perfectly. It worked great on my neck as well because it firms and tightens wherever you put it. This is a good product and worked much better than I expected. It also has the effect of discouraging my underlying muscles from frowning. Great product!

Mary Fisher

Potentlift works! If you are looking for a product that will tighten and lift any area of skin on your body, with a smoothing and firming effect, this one works. At first I was using it sparingly but after I started to become more confident with it, I started to use it more liberally. Using more of the product gave me a stronger effect than what using only a little provided. Using the right amount is more effective because there is a point where more is not better. You will know what works best for you. I am a male and don’t wear make up but I do require a product to sit well on my skin. Porentlift became a part of my skin and disappeared entirely into it, creating a much tighter and firmer feeling. I have been using it daily for a few weeks now and love the feeling of using it every morning. I also have been reapplying it in the late afternoon sometimes because I found that after a long day I need to reapply it to maintain the effects. That’s ok with me! It seems to last for several hours. I am satisfied with it and will buy it again.

Peter Rogers

My sister bought this product for me as a gift because I was talking about getting a facelift and she wanted me to try some other options before going for something as extreme as surgery. So I decided to acquiesce. This product provided a dynamic outcome from the moment I applied it, with a minimal amount of effort. I wanted to go for the most dramatic results possible from the start so I applied the product as directed all over my face. I immediately felt a tightening and firming sensation and an actual lifting of my skin. It also smoothed out the surface pretty well. I like the way it feels after being absorbed and I am making it a part of my morning routine now. It doesn’t affect my make up application and works well under it. It helps a lot actually…but I am still planning on getting the facelift to do the long term heavy lifting. Potentlift is about as great as any topical could be though in my opinion. Highly recommend for daily use.

Zoey Clark