How Humectants Work In Face Lifting Products

How Humectants Work In Face Lifting Products

Perhaps you might have read about a particular type of ingredients used in instant anti aging or facelift products called humectants? You might have not especially if you don’t find it interesting reading beauty product labels or the technical terms seem fuzzy enough.

The effectiveness of a facelift product will largely depend on ingredients it contained. For example, is it made of organic extract or some bunch of chemicals? Most chemicals are not even beneficial to the human skin.

What are Humectants?

From a chemistry standpoint, humectants are hygroscopic substances that form hydrogen bonds with molecules of water. This bonding helps them to perform hydrating functions in moisturizing the skin.

How it Works

First, a humectant will draw moisture from the dermis of the skin and supply it to the outer layer of the skin. Also, in a situation whereby the water level in the atmosphere is above 70%, then humectant also kicks in to trap the moisture to the skin. One of the health benefits is that the skin remained hydrated.

Humectant also helps in shedding dead (skin) cell by breaking the protein holding the affected cell together.

Different Types of Humectants

Humectants are used in varieties of anti aging products like facial creams, body lotion, fast wrinkle cream, and more.

They can be categorized into natural and synthetic and have specific properties that may make them suitable for different production purposes. The type used by a beauty product will largely be dependent on the production objectives.

Synthetic Humectants

Synthetic humectants are the artificial ones that supply moisture to the body, but in the long run, may affect the body internal moisturizing mechanism. Worst case, they may dry up the skin cell because they don’t have significant benefits or nutrients.

Natural Humectants

A natural humectant provides duo-benefits to the skin. First, it attracts moisture to the surface of the skin and helps the body’s moisturizing functionality. One way it achieves this is by producing substances that stimulate moisture production in the dermis and foster the growth of new cells in the epidermis.

How to Use Humectants

Hydration and moisture are essential to healthy and youthful skin. Because humectant provides the following benefits, finding a product that incorporate ingredient like this in their rapid anti aging serum will be a great starting option.

As we noted earlier, it is important to carefully select the instant facelift products you choose because most of the product use synthetic humectants which can be harmful to your skin over time. Now read PotentLift Reviews.

Facelift Serum

One of the far best facelift formulations out there is face lift serum. Most have organic ingredients as their primary ingredients, unlike facelift cream that may have less than 70% of natural ingredients—in which synthetic humectant is used mostly.

Facelift serum works by penetrating deeper into the skin layer to hydrate the skin. Too bad, many brands out there do not deliver up to expectations.

How Natural Humectants Increase The Potency of FaceLift Serum

With lots of instant anti wrinkle cream and serums these days, you may be curious to know how effective they are. In this post, we’ll see how rapid wrinkle serum works and how natural humectants contribute to its efficiency.

Facelift Serum?

A facelift is a cosmetic surgery geared towards removal of premature or unwanted facial wrinkles. These type of treatment can be pretty expensive and pain inducing. Therefore, there’s been much researches and studies on non-invasive facial rejuvenation procedures.

Facelift serum is one of the best rapid anti aging products out there. It contains active and natural ingredients. The ingredients are of tiny molecules which enables them to penetrate faster and deeper into the inner layers of the skin—to tighten, fix sagging and provide anti-wrinkle support.

Facelift serum hydrates the skin. With enough moisture in the skin, it will be easy for the skin to stay wrinkle-free. Now, let’s see how natural humectants boost hydration and help to retain skin moisture.

Natural Humectants

Humectants are a hygroscopic substance that attracts water from the surroundings. Surroundings, in this case, can be the internal skin layer or the surroundings external to the skin.

Natural humectants attract water molecules from the dermis—the second layer of the skin--and supply the moisture to the epidermis—the visible outer layer of the skin to let it remain hydrated.

Likewise, if the humidity in the external surrounding—mentioned earlier—is above 70%, natural humectant will kick in to draw these water molecules from the environment. Remember, if the skin can be able to maintain a stable moisture level, the skin will be super resistant to skin dryness that causes wrinkles.

In this regard, facelift serum does a good job. Here is an example of a natural humectant.

Hyaluronic Acid

Do not be put off by the word acid. It will not burn your skin. It’s a naturally, already occurring substance in your body. Also called hyaluronan, it’s a carbohydrate molecule. But the ones used in instant face lifting serum are replicated in a lab using organic extract.

It is very effective as the molecule can hold up to a thousand time its weight in water. It set up a process on the surface of your skin by attracting every moisture that comes by and consistently supplying the moisture to your skin.

Research carried out on 33 participants shows how beneficial the molecule is. The women, average of 45 years, saw a significant jump in their skin moisture and texture, in just of a period of 8 weeks.


Facelift serum is one the fast and instant anti aging products you’ll need in your beauty arsenal. Unlike wrinkle cream, facelift serum comprises tiny molecules of active ingredients which penetrates the inner layer of the skin cell—to tighten, firm,  and erase any aging signs.

Unfortunately, not every facelift serum advertised are effective as they should, and that’s because they contain little or no natural ingredients.

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