3 Lifestyle Factors That Cause Crow’s Feet

3 Bad Habits that Cause Crow’s Feet

It easy to label aging as the chief cause of crow’s feet. However, certain unhealthy habits determine how fast we age. These conditions can be suppressed using facelift products like wrinkle cream or serums. First, let’s see what crow’s feet are and how our lifestyle creates them.

Crow’s Feet?

Crow’s feet are the tiny, but not hard to spot lines that appear around the corners of the eyes. They can also be regarded as wrinkles, but since they are occurring in the eye region, they are termed crow’s feet. However, they can appear under two conditions or circumstances.

Dynamic Wrinkles

Dynamic wrinkles are creases, fine lines or deep lines that appear on the face only when there is a muscular contraction on the face. Take a mirror. Use a facial expression like smiling, or you can smile. Did you notice any lines around the corners of your eyes? Those lines are dynamic wrinkles (crow’s feet).

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Static wrinkles

Static wrinkles show either you use face expression or not. They are always visible. Let’s get back to the “mirror test.” But this time around, relax your face and look into the mirror. If you see any wrinkles around the eyes, those are static wrinkles, again in this case, static crow’s feet.

Now let’s see five ways we live our life that can accelerate the appearance of crow’s feet.


This is not about water but alcohol. The main “contribution” of alcohol to crow’s feet development is dehydration of the skin. The skin needs moisture to ensure a supple and wrinkle resistant skin. Unfortunately, every time you drink, alcohol dehydrates your skin.


Therefore, anything beyond a reasonable daily limit will dehydrate your skin faster and speed up your face to wrinkles. Since the skin around the eyes is incredibly thin, crow’s feet may appear early.

Unhealthy Diet

Let’s talk about sugar intake, precisely. Excessive sugar in your bloodstream will result in a situation called glycation. Glycation happens when excessive sugar binds to the skin supporting proteins—elastin and collagen. During glycation, toxic compounds called Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) are formed.  This can cause face sagging, dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles at the eye region (crow’s feet).

However, avoid sugar-rich foods like low-fat yogurt, BBQ sauce, ketchup or chocolate milk. But if you can’t do without them, eat them sparingly. Consumption should not be a daily gig. Also, read product labels for hidden sugar content to be on the safe side.


Nicotine present in cigarette narrows the blood vessel of the external layer of the skin. This makes it hard for blood, oxygen, and many more essential nutrients to get to the skin.

Many more chemicals in tobacco smoke also damage the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. This makes the skin more susceptible to sagginess, wrinkle formation, and for the eye region, that’s crow’s feet for sure.

The only way to prevent further damage is to quit smoking

What if your past or present lifestyle reflects some or all of these factors? Don’t despair because it’s never too late to get a supple and youthful looking face. Practicing all the suggestion above will help you.

However, if you want to accelerate the positive result you long for, you can invest in rapid anti aging supplements like instant skin tightening cream or serums.

Facelift Serum?

Rapid wrinkle serum contains many active, natural ingredients which penetrate faster and deeper into the skin layer to give you instant facelift without surgery.

Some of the face serums do not work because of the ingredients they contained. Long term use can even add to skin problems.

4 Practical Steps toward a Wrinkle-free Face

A fresh and youthful looking face is one of the things we aspire for in life. Unfortunately, as we age, this desire seems to slip us by. The decrease in some essential nutrients makes our skin lose its strength and elasticity. The result is an old, saggy and wrinkled face.

While aging can’t be stopped, the speed at which aging signs like lines, creases or wrinkles appear can be reduced by applying instant anti wrinkle cream or other rapid anti aging products.

In this post, we’ve outlined five practical ways in which wrinkles and related aging signs can be reduced or erased. Some are geared towards making a shift in personal lifestyle while others will be more of anti aging supplements.

Good Diet

Food is good for our body. It makes us grow, build up new cells and repair worn-out tissue. Another essential role it plays can be found in the skin’s health. When your diet contains essential nutrients, it will help the skin to fight free radical that may affect the skin.

Wrinkles can be formed from leftover debris when our body digest sugar. The leftovers sugars are referred to as “advanced glycation end products”—AGEs. The AGEs gradually builds up and attach themselves to collagen and elastin—the strength and elasticity providing structure. If they are successful in breaking down these protein-rich tissues, then the skin loses its firmness and wrinkle kicks in.

Take sugar-rich foods like candy, cake or ice cream sparingly—not to be made a daily gig. Check product labels for hidden source of sugar in products like tomato sauce, ketchup or yogurt.

Instead of devouring sugar, increase your vegetable intake. Three to four types of veggies every day will help supply essential nutrients your body need. It is recommended to eat vegetables raw because heat (cooking) renders the micronutrients inactive. Make sure to wash them properly before eating.

Reduce Alcohol

Alcohol dehydrates the body and the skin—dries the moisture contained. Every time you drink, it reduces the moisture content of your skin. Therefore, anything beyond normal daily alcohol will dehydrate your skin, in turn, make the skin dry and this will speed up your skin to wrinkles.

Alcohol deprives the skin of essential nutrients like Vitamin A—the necessary vitamins required to make the skin firm and supple.

The best way out of this is to reduce or entirely quit alcohol consumption. You may find it hard to break free of this unhealthy habit due to many factors. One is the release of a chemical called dopamine in the brain. It’s a neurotransmitter linked with rewarding and pleasurable activities in the body. Its influences and stimulates people’s interest to continue drinking. However, with time and practice, you can break free.


Smoking is another top factor that causes a premature wrinkle. The nicotine in the cigarettes narrows the blood vessel of the skin layers which in turn impairs the flow of blood to the skin. This will result in oxygen shortage, and the provision of essential nutrients like Vitamin A is also hindered.

In the same sense, thousands of chemical in tobacco weaken the level of collagen and elastin. The best way to prevent this smoking-induced effect is to quit smoking. You bet, this is going to be challenging because tobacco contains nicotine which is highly addictive.

Use Face Wrinkle Supplements

While these tips are useful and practicable, they are not as effective as the application of rapid anti aging products like wrinkle cream or rapid wrinkle serum. Instant facelift serum contains tiny molecules of many natural ingredients. The molecules penetrate deeper and faster into the skin to tighten, firm and provide a supple skin.

However, some facelift serums do not work as advertised because they contain little or no organic ingredients. Even, their long term application can result in other skin problems.

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