How to prevent wrinkles?

Can Face Wrinkles Be Erased: Here is What You Need to Know

Have you started noticing fine lines, deep lines or creases appearing on your face? Wrinkles are one of the prominent aging signs. There has been lots of research dedicated to addressing how they can be reduced or completely erased. Some of the product of the studies are moisturizers, lotions,instant wrinkle cream and instant facelift supplements without cosmetic surgery.

To determine the possibility of erasing wrinkles, here are some of the factors that need to be considered.

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Primarily, wrinkles are caused by aging. As we age the essential body processes that make the skin remain firm, supple and youthful looking starts to diminish. For example, collagen synthesis and elastin level start to drop and this speed up the skin to wrinkles.

However, other factors accelerate the rate at which aging occurs.


The main “job” of alcohol is to dehydrate the skin. Every time you drink, your skin gets dehydrated, and this results in moisture loss. Everyday drinking or intake beyond a reasonable daily limit will multiply the worsening effect of alcohol.

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However, there’s a possibility here. You can supply back the moisture you are losing with the help of rapid anti aging supplements or increase the intake of vitamin E-rich foods to prevent skin dryness.


Smoking is considered one of the most influential factors that accelerate the rate at which wrinkles form. There’s a chemical called Nicotine in the tobacco smoke. Not only that Nicotine is addictive but also narrows the blood vessel that carries oxygen, blood and other essential nutrients to the outer layer of the skin.

Not only that, there are many more chemicals in a cigarette that weaken the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

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While there may be some instant wrinkle cream that can lessen the visible effect of smoking, the best way is to stop smoking. You bet, this is going to be a challenging lifestyle shift because the nicotine present in the cigarette is very addictive. But the greater good for your skin is worth killing for.

Ultraviolet Radiation

Ultraviolet radiation is damaging energy radiated from the sunlight. Ultraviolet rays are of three types. The type concerned with collagen breakdown is called UV-A. It has a longer penetrating power which makes it penetrate deeper into the middle layer of the skin and destroy collagen and elastin—the protein-rich tissues that provide firmness, suppleness and anti-wrinkle support for the skin.

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Exposure to UV-A can even damage the skin around the eyes which can result in a condition referred to as crow’s feet.

The best “fix” is to protect both your face and eyes from the penetrating power of these rays. Always use sunscreen or schedule your outing for morning or later in the day. Also, use sunglasses to protect your eyes from sunlight rays.


These are but few of the factors that contribute to how fast your body will age. And the quicker the process, the faster wrinkles appears.

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Following all the suggestions highlighted above will be effective either you have developed wrinkles, or you want an extra layer of protection against wrinkle.


You can as well invest a little in best instant wrinkle cream or serum. These products are formulated with lots of natural ingredients.

One of the best instant wrinkle product is facelift serum. It contains active, natural ingredients that penetrate deeper into the skin to moisturize and tighten the skin.

However, not all these products are effective depending on their natural ingredient composition. Long term use of some brand may even escalate skin problems.

How To Prevent Crow’s Feet in Your Twenties

Wrinkles are one of the aging features that is prominent on the face. As we age, the ability of our skin to fight against wrinkle-causing factors starts to weaken. Similar to wrinkles are crow’s feet. Crow’s feet are the tiny or deep lines that form around the corners of our eyes. Usually, it becomes apparent after the ages of 40.

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Environmental factors, unhealthy habits, and diet play a crucial role in how fast they appear.  Without realizing it, you may be inviting them prematurely.

However, there’s been much research on how to prevent or erase crow’s feet. Products of this research are instant anti aging products like lotions, moisturizers, and instant wrinkle cream or serum.

In this post, we will use the two terms—crow’s feet and wrinkles—interchangeably.

Dynamic Crow’s Feet (Wrinkles)

Dynamic wrinkles are the creases or lines that appear on the face only when there is a contraction of facial muscles. This situation happens when you use face gestures like frowning, squinting, laughing or smiling. After your face has been relaxed, you’ll hardly notice them again.

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Same is the case for crow’s feet. Dynamic crow’s feet are noticeable when muscle contraction occurs.

Static Crow’s Feet (Wrinkles)

These are the wrinkle that appears on the face either when you use a facial expression or not. They are not so hard to spot. In this case, static crow’s feet are not difficult to detect. They are the permanent lines (feature) of the face.

Now, let see some of the ways to prevent the appearance of premature crow’s feet.

Avoid Smoking

The nicotine present in tobacco smoke narrows the blood vessel of the outer skin layer which in turn affect the smooth flow of blood, oxygen and other essential nutrients.

Thousands of chemicals in cigarette inhibit the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. The decrease in collagen and elastin level will make the skin less elastic and wrinkled. With the skin of the eyes being very thin, the lines (crow’s feet) will be more profound.

The best way out of this is to quit smoking. While it may be hard to break this unhealthy habit, the long term benefits worth it.


Alcohol dehydrates the skin which gives rise to a decrease in moisture. This situation leads to dryness of the skin. In a condition whereby the skin is dry, wrinkles start to develop.

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Also, alcohol depletes the level of Vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A is also responsible for stimulating fibroblast which helps in the development of tissue that makes the skin firm and healthy.

You have to drink responsibly. Embrace a reasonable daily alcohol intake. There’s no harm if you take it occasionally.

Sunlight Exposure

The sun emits a form of energy called ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet radiation is of three types. The type concerned with wrinkle formation is the UV-A. It penetrates deeper into the middle layer of the skin and reduces the production of elastin and collagen. The result is less elastic and wrinkled skin.

Unhealthy Diet

What you put in the plate can negatively influence what you’ll see in the mirror. Sugar-rich foods like BBQ and ketchup can lead to collagen damage. Collagen is the protein tissue that provides strength to the skin. The decrease in collagen will lead to less elastic and wrinkled skin.

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Reduce consumption of rich-in-sugar foods. If you are buying processed food, check the label for hidden sugar content to be on the safe side.

Facelift Anti Aging Products

The suggestions above will prove useful if you apply yourself to them religiously. However, for more profound results, you can invest a little in an instant wrinkle cream or other instant skin tightening cream and products.

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One of the best rapid anti aging product is instant wrinkle cream which contains active, natural ingredients. These nutrients are composed of tiny molecules which makes them penetrates faster and deeper into the skin.

Some of the anti aging products out there do not work as required because of the ingredients contained. Their long term use may even develop new skin problems.

However, for safe, effective facelift serum, an instant wrinkle product that contains many more active and natural ingredients, click the button below.

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