How to Reduce Wrinkles?

How to Reduce Wrinkles?

4 Practical Ways to Reduce Face Wrinkles

Aging is inevitable. Wrinkles are one of the signs that depict that age is no longer on your side. In our early years, we tend to look chic and fresh. As we get past the ages of 40, fine lines, wrinkles and other related signs start to become a permanent feature. No wonder many of us have got rapid anti aging products like lotions, moisturizers, instant face lift or serums in our skincare routine.

However, in this post, we’ll consider four practical ways to prevent or reduce the appearance of wrinkles, irrespective of your age.

Apply Sunscreen

You may have been hearing it for a while. It’s an anti aging product in the form of lotion or cream applied on the body to protect against the damaging and penetrating power of ultraviolet rays emitted from the sun.

Although the sun is very vital to human survival, however, the UV-A—one of the types of ultraviolet rays—damages collagen produced in the skin layer. We recommend to apply and reapply the sunscreen as necessary for as long as you will have to be in the sun.

Use Sunglasses

This is another form of protection against the ultraviolet rays. This time around, this protects the eyes from the sun rays that can cause different types of eye problems and crow’s feet—a wrinkle formed around the corners of the eyes.

We recommend you to use a sunglass with an SPF 30 (Sun Protection Factor of 95—100%). You’d be safe this way from the damaging rays emitted by the sun.

Reduce Alcohol

Of course, reducing alcohol intake is a very “hard-to-break” habit, and you’d have to put in the work and practice. The salt and other elements contained in alcohol will dehydrate your body and skin. This leads to a condition known as skin dryness. If your skin is dry, then you’re technically speeding up your skin to wrinkles.

Therefore, you can reduce your daily intake to a reasonable amount. You can consider taking alcohol occasionally, not a daily ritual.

Do not Smoke

If you are smoking, you’d probably know you have to stop. The smoke of cigarette contains thousands of chemicals that contribute to accelerated wrinkle formation. For example, the nicotine present in the cigarette narrows the blood vessel carrying blood, oxygen and other essential nutrients to the outer layer of your skin.

We understand breaking the “smoking habit” can be a challenging quest. However, the result will worth every effort you put in.


The tips and suggestions noted above will prove helpful by incorporating them into your skin care routine and lifestyle. However, they are not as effective as instant facelift supplements that address already formed wrinkles on your face.

For example, rapid wrinkle serum is effective and works better than instant anti wrinkle serum because serums are formulated with tiny molecules of natural ingredients. The tiny molecules enable the nutrients to penetrate easier and faster into the skin to stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin. The result is an instant face lift from wrinkles.

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However, not all products advertised as serum will work, depending on the ingredients contained and composition. Long term use of some of these products can even exacerbate skin problems.

4 Ways to Prevent Wrinkles on the Forehead

We all appreciate looking good. That’s why we invest much of our time cleaning, moisturizing and taking care of our skin. However, wrinkle especially in the forehead remains the bane of many growing adults. How can we prevent, reduce or erase them? Keep reading to learn more.

Before we see the four ways to avoid wrinkles on the face, let’s see how forehead wrinkles are formed.

What are Wrinkles?

Wrinkles are the creases, lines or ridges in the skin. It’s most prominent in the face as a result of unfettered exposure to lots of external factors. The evidence can be found in the appearance of these lines (wrinkles) around the eyes, on the face and in the forehead. The forehead wrinkle is what we’re going to “talk about” in this post.

Collagen Decrease

Collagen is the protein-rich structure that makes for firm skin. It’s always mentioned alongside elastin in wrinkle-related topics. Elastin is the second structure that provides elastic support to the skin. These two structures complement each other by giving strength and elastic support to make the skin soft, moist, firm, supple and wrinkle resistant.

However, some factors break down existing collagen in the body and inhibit the synthesis of new ones. These include but not limited to aging, excessive alcohol, ultraviolet radiation damage, and smoking.

Let’s see how to reduce or prevent these factors from damaging our skin’s precious collagen. Some are practical ways while the rest are geared toward instant facelift anti aging products.


Aging is the “grandfather” of other contributing factors. As we age, the ability of the skin to repair worn-out tissue and cell weakens. This condition affects the capacity of the skin cell to produce more collagen, and existing ones also break down.

However, embracing healthy diets will be helpful. For example, foods rich in protein will help lessen aging effect by boosting collagen—protein-structure produced in the skin cell.

Reduce that Alcohol

Alcohol can taste refreshing, but you’ve got to limit it. The salt and other compounds contained in alcohol cause a reduction in moisture. This moisture loss can be in the form of “diuretic-agent” which causes frequent urination.

Nevertheless, too much alcohol will dehydrate your skin. We recommend that you reduce your intake to the “occasional level,” not a daily ritual.

Protect Yourself

From the sun. The damaging effect of ultraviolet radiation emitted from the sun can damage the skin in numerous ways like sunburn, tanning, wrinkles, and cancer. The UV-A type of ultraviolet radiation is more connected to wrinkles formation. It penetrated the dermis, the middle layer, and destroy collagen.

Use sunscreen and reapply them as necessary, for as long as you’ll be in the sun. You try planning your day to avoid sunshine peak hours by schedule your outing, camping or visit to mornings or later in the evening.

Apply Face Wrinkle Products

These tips will be useful if you can adopt them and apply them to your lifestyle. Also, it never too late or early to start applying rapid anti aging products like instant skin tightening cream or wrinkle serum to reduce, erase and to lessen the chances of developing forehead wrinkles.

Rapid wrinkle serum is very potent as it’s formulated with active and natural ingredients. These ingredients target aging problems like creases, crow’s feet, and forehead wrinkles, and they soften, tighten, plump and revitalize the skin to yield a wrinkle-free look.

Not every product advertised as wrinkle serum is effective depending on the level and composition of natural ingredients they contained. Long term application or use of products with no real nutrient can lead to many skin problems.


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