5 Factors That Cause Crow’s Feet

5 Factors That Cause Crow’s Feet

How to Prevent Crow's Feet?

We want to have a beautiful and youthful looking face. As we age, this desire starts to pass us by. Aging sets in and everything changes. No wonder many of us have got a bunch of lotions, moisturizer or rapid wrinkle cream or serums in our beauty arsenal. One of the prominent facial aging sign is what we know as crow’s feet. Now read PotentLift Reviews.

Crow’s Feet?

Crow’s feet is an aging condition characterized by lines or wrinkles forming around the corners of the eyes. To understand this idea, take a look in the mirror. Did you see any lines sitting around the corners of your eyes? If yes, those are crow’s feet.

Before we take a look at the factors contributing to the development of crow’s feet, let’s see two contexts in which we can define crow’s feet. 

Dynamic wrinkles

Dynamic wrinkles are also referred to as temporary wrinkles. Dynamic lines or wrinkles only appear when there is a muscular contraction in your face. For example, when you frown, smile or squint, there is a muscle contraction in the face.

Static Wrinkles

Static wrinkles are the permanent lines that sit on your face either you use a facial expression or not and they are prominent because they are not hard to spot.

To grasp the idea. Take a look in the mirror and smile. Did you notice any lines around the corners of your eyes? That’s dynamic wrinkles—crow’s feet in the case of “around the eyes corner.” Now relax your face, this time around, did you notice any lines? If yes, they are the static wrinkles (crow’s feet) because they appear without muscular contraction.

Causing Factors?

Now let’s see some of the factors contributing to the development of crow’s feet

Sunlight Exposure

Exposure of the face to sunlight damages the collagen in the dermis. Collagen is responsible for the firmness, suppleness and a wrinkle resistant face. As the sun shines, it emits radiation known as ultraviolet rays (type A) which penetrates the skin and weakens the production of collagen.

Unhealthy Diet

Poor diet is another factor causing around-the-eyes wrinkles (crow’s feet). It’s not enough to eat but more importantly, what are you eating? For example, if you are consuming sugar-rich foods, you may be unconsciously inviting wrinkles.


Not only that nicotine present in tobacco is addictive, but also it narrows the blood vessel carrying blood, oxygen and other essential nutrients to the skin. Other chemicals present in cigarette also wage war against collagen and elastin which provide strength and elasticity to the skin. Incessant “smoking-life” can make cigarette win the war against your skin.


We are not talking about water but alcohol.  Every time you drink, alcohol dehydrates your skin. Dehydration of the skin will deprive the skin of enough moisture. This condition will lead to skin dryness and speed up your skin to wrinkles.

Repetitive Motions

Can you remember the number of times you smile, squint or frown at someone or something? When you do these, your face muscle contracts and dynamic wrinkles appear around the eyes. These temporary lines may become a permanent feature of your face, without you realizing it.

Way Forward?

While the tips suggested above are useful, the results may not be instant
and can take a long time. To accelerate your results, you can use instant facelift cream or serum.

Rapid wrinkle serum is more effective than wrinkle cream because it contains tiny molecules of natural ingredients that penetrate layers of the skin. The penetration will deliver the essential nutrients needed by skin to remain supple,
firm and wrinkle resistant.

However, some of these products are not as effective as they should because of the little or no natural ingredients used by many manufacturers. Long time use of many of these products can even result in yet another
skin problems.

5 Substances You Consume That Can Age Your Face Skin

Irrespective of age, we want our face to be chic, vibrant and youthful. That’s what we crave for. Like most people, you may have a lot of rapid anti aging products like wrinkle cream, moisturizer and instant face lifting serum in your skincare routine. At times, unfortunately, it’s about what we consume, how much of it that weaken the skin tissue and speed up the rate at which our face skin age.

Below are five intakes you should limit or get rid of.


Excessive alcohol intake can lead to premature wrinkles and fine lines. For example, too much of alcohol dehydrate the moisture content of the body. This condition will make your skin cell more vulnerable to lines and premature wrinkles.

Alcohol inhibits the flow of Vitamin A and C, which acts as an antioxidant, in the body. The liver is also an essential organ helping in detoxification, but alcohol impairs its functions. Minimize your alcohol intake or stop taking alcohol—for the greater good.


Though coffee may be good for your body, caffeine present in coffee is a dehydrating agent. When there is a shortage of water supply, the skin will eventually react. Your face skin will be more predisposed to wrinkles, lines and other aging signs. It can even make you look ten times older than you are right now.

Also, drinking a lot of coffee can overwork your adrenal gland which in turn inhibit the production of enough cortisol in your system—you can end up with adrenaline fatigue. Several adrenaline fatigues include acne, wrinkles, and more lines. However, you can drink one or two glass of wine to minimize the adverse effect of coffee.


Excessive sugar intake in your diet will result in AGEs—otherwise known as “advanced glycation end products” formation in your body. Excess sugar will drastically reduce the ability of your body to produce enough collagen and other essential nutrients that will help you in gaining more healthy skin.

Health experts recommend avoiding excess sugar intake and foods piled with sugar like baked goods, candy, and pastries.

Dairy Products

Foods like cheese and meat are dairy products. While these products provide Vitamin D and calcium, several dairy products, however, contain high fat and sugar content which will lead to weight gain and skin deterioration.

Some people, without their knowledge, are allergic to dairy intake. For good health without compromising on the nutrients—vitamin D and calcium—dairy products provide, you can take a substitute like almond milk, which can deliver the same nutrient.

Fast Foods

Avoid trans fat in your diet. They increase inflammation in the body and make the skin more susceptible to UV damage. Some restaurants use partially hydrogenated oils, which contains trans fats, in cooking. Be informed.


While you may stop alcohol, what about other sweet and delicious foods? It’s quite important to note that their excessive intake will negatively affect your skin and may render you older than you are.

However, if you have been noticing some lines, wrinkles or other aging signs on your precious face, you may consider applying the best wrinkle cream or facelift serum.

Rapid wrinkle serum is more effective than wrinkle cream becauseit contains ingredients that penetrate deeper into the skin to strengthen, tighten and make the skin younger. For effective, trusted and well formulated instant wrinkle serum, and other anti ageing products visit here.


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