Treatments to relieve skin wrinkles


Developing fine lines and wrinkles is a normal part of every individual's aging process. Wrinkles are those creases found on our skin that are more noticeable on the hands, neck and face. Apart from the age factor, other regular causes of wrinkles are smoking, inadequate hydration, too much sunlight exposure and excessive immersion in water. Tap water also strips the skin of its natural oils and moisture which helps in protecting it against wrinkles.

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By repeatedly washing your skin with tap water, you are indirectly washing off its protection. Although wrinkling is a normal sign of aging, most people, specifically women are still uncomfortable with the development of these noticeable wrinkles.

We all naturally find fresh and younger-looking skin more attractive, that is why many women turn to various instant anti-aging cream for a solution. Instant wrinkle creams, lotions and ointments are currently very high on demand. These products range from complete natural remedies to other surgical procedures.

·Surgery and medically administered treatment options

For those women who prefer a quicker solution, medical procedures such as collagen injections or Botox, instant facelift, instant neck lifts, are some of the most renowned options. Although these medically administered treatments and surgeries are useful for removing wrinkles, it is still important to consult surgeons and doctors before considering them.

It is also important to know that the results from these procedures are not always permanent, and most times patients complain that the wrinkles become worse after the process starts wearing off, thus resulting in the need to carry out further surgeries.

How can you naturally prevent the appearance of wrinkles?

In order to avoid all the risks and stress involve in undergoing such procedures and surgeries, it is better you take precautions for preventing wrinkles from appearing in the first place. Below are some natural ways of preventing the occurrence of wrinkles.

i) Banana

Too much sun exposure causes the skin supporting structures to weaken and eventually breakdown. With old age and excessive sun exposure, the sweat glands and oils are reduced, making your skin vulnerable to dryness, thus causing wrinkle formation.

The neck, face and hands are the most wrinkle-prone skin areas. This is because they are the most exposed parts of the body. One natural way to prevent UV sun rays from causing wrinkles on your skin is by using bananas. Banana helps in moisturizing the skin and providing iron and vitamins. Mash half banana, and place it over your skin, allowing it for about 10 to 15 minutes to dry, then wash it off with lukewarm water.

ii) Water

Drinking enough water is also another important way of keeping the skin hydrated. Water is very essential in keeping our skin moisturized. It helps in keeping our skin soft and also keeps dryness responsible for wrinkles away. Skin moisturizers can also be vital for keeping the skin hydrated but only to a certain level.


With the skin enhancing remedies and treatments procedures listed above, your skin should age more gracefully.  

Note! Do invest on harsh instant anti-aging creams and other chemical procedures! Thankfully with the two natural methods of preventing wrinkles, even women who have tight budgets can afford them.

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