How Ultraviolet Radiation Causes Facial Line and Wrinkles

How Ultraviolet Radiation Causes Facial Line and Wrinkles

No one is immune from aging, but everyone wants to cut off years of their age and look ten times younger. That’s why many of us apply rapid anti aging products like moisturizer, wrinkle cream, and instant facelift supplements. However, fine lines and wrinkles are not hard to spot when they become a permanent feature of your face.

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We briefly discussed how several factors like alcohol, smoking, and gravity accelerate the aging processes. Also, we will examine the rapid effect of ultraviolet radiation on how we age.

Skin Aging?

Several factors like age, alcohol, gravity, genetic blueprint, smoking, and ultraviolet radiation play a role in premature aging. As we age, the connective tissues—collagen and elastin which holds the face tight— starts to break down, and the ability of the skin cell to repair or regenerate diminishes.

Also, anything beyond reasonable daily alcohol intake will dehydrate your skin, rob your skin of enough moisture and gradually dries off your skin. Dried skin can be referred to as aged skin.

Smoking, as another factor, inhibits the flow of blood, oxygen, and other essential nutrients to the skin. The downward pull of the earth—gravity—slowly tugs down the face.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles?

Wrinkles are the folds, ridges or creases that appear on the skin. It is apparent on sun-exposed parts of the body like neck, forearm and prominently the face.

Wrinkles can be dynamic or static. Lines formed by use of facial expressions which includes squinting, frowning and the likes are called dynamic wrinkles. They only become visible when you use face gestures. For static wrinkles, they are the permanent lines on your face and will always appear even if you don’t use facial expression.

Ultraviolet Radiation Contribution

Sunlight exposure is the number one accelerating factor. With peak damage of 80%, it causes a lot of skin problems which include tanning, skin cancer, fine lines, and wrinkles.

The ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun targets and diminishes the supply of collagen in the dermis—the skin middle layer. When the collagen level drops, the suppleness, strength of the skin reduces, and wrinkles unfold.


Apply and reapply sunscreen for as long as you will be in the sun. To protect the skin around the eyes from ultraviolet damage, always use sunglasses.

Alcohol provides no real nutrients; instead, it dehydrates your body and deprives the skin of essential nutrients. Health experts recommend limiting your intake to a reasonable amount. If possible, you may take it occasionally, not a daily gig.

Smoking is equally bad. The nicotine present in cigarette and thousands of other chemicals impair the blood vessels that carry blood, oxygen and other essential nutrients to the skin. The best fix is to quit smoking.

While these tips will prove useful if you religiously apply them, you can also invest in rapid anti aging supplements.

Instant Anti Wrinkle Supplements

Over the past few decades, there’s been a shift from expensive and pain-inducing surgical facelift to the application of rapid wrinkle cream and serums.

Wrinkle serum is more effective than wrinkle cream because they are formulated using tiny molecules of active and natural ingredients. This enables the natural ingredients to penetrate faster into the deep skin layer—to strengthen and plump the skin.

However, some instant face lifting serums are not as effective as they should be because they are manufactured with “half-baked” or no organic ingredients. Their long term application can even exacerbate more skin problems.

Synthetic or Natural Humectants: Which is The Best in FaceLift Serum

The firmness and suppleness of our faces diminish as aging kicks in. Surprisingly, we want our faces to remain youthful without those wrinkles and puffy eyes, regardless of our age.

Sure, we can cut some years off our age with the help of effective instant anti aging cream supplements like lotion, moisturizers, wrinkle cream or facelift serum. Prominent among them is instant face lifting serum.

While other beauty supplements like moisturizer, lotion and others may not be as effective, face serum helps tighten the face by fading off wrinkles, puffy eyes and related signs.

How Humectants Work in Facelift Serum

One of the ingredients used in Face Serums are called humectants—they help in providing moisture to the skin to make it plump. Humectants help the body to draw in moisture from the inner layer of the skin—dermis—and supply it to the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin. This will help the skin with hydration, especially in dry environments.

Types of Humectants

There are two types called synthetic and natural humectants.

Synthetic Humectants

 Generally, humectants help in hydrating the body by attracting moisture to the surface of the skin. But synthetic humectants do more harm than good. They draw moisture from the dermis—the inner layer of the skin—without replenishing the source. As a result, the body natural hydrating mechanism can be weakened or destroyed.

One reason why synthetic humectants aren’t effective, especially for long term use, is that they are manufactured using little or no natural ingredients. Also, they are less expensive to formulate in compare to the natural humectants.

Natural Humectants

They attract moisture from the dermis without compromising the ability of the internal hydrating mechanism to work independently and efficiently. As they nourish the epidermis, they ensure that the dermis remains moisturized.

In a situation whereby the humidity of the environment is above 70%, natural humectant will attract moisture from the atmospheric air and supply it to the outer layer of the skin, making it hydrated.

Natural Sources of Humectants

Let’s see some of the best natural humectants you can use in your DIY skincare formulation.

Liquid Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an excellent humectant which penetrates deeply into the skin quickly and provides moisture. It can be used either in its concentrated or pure juice form.


Honey is a good source of humectant if you are comfortable with animal-produced ingredients. It is composed of glucose, fructose, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, minerals and additional proteins. It is a source of alpha hydroxyl acids that helps in removing the top layer of dead skin which encourages more and more moisture.

FaceLift Serum

Although these home remedies are useful, they are not as effective as instant face lifting serum. FaceLift serum works by creating a soft thin layer of essential minerals over the face, and this softens, tighten and fade off all traces of wrinkles and aging lines.

However, some of these instant anti aging serum, advertised out there, are not as potent as they should be because of the little or no natural ingredients they contained. Some, with time, may negatively affect your skin health. For a safe, effective facelift serum, containing many more natural ingredients, visit here.

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