Facial Wrinkles

Facial Wrinkles

5 Things You Need to Know about Facial Wrinkles

However, we’ll discuss five things you need to know about wrinkles and how the application of rapid anti aging skin care like wrinkle cream and instant face lift works.

Ever wondered why wrinkles appear on human faces? It can become a permanent feature of the eyes even from a very tender age. In most cases, the contributing factors are beyond our control, and there is little or nothing we can do about it. Still, there are unhealthy habits that are wreaking havoc on our skin instant facelift.

Wrinkles are of two types

Wrinkles are the creases, fine or deep lines that form on any part of the face. They can be permanent—also refers to as static wrinkles. The static wrinkle is always visible on the skin while dynamic—the second type of wrinkle—is more apparent when you smile, laugh, squint or frown.

Contributing Factors

There are numbers of factors that contribute to the formation of wrinkles. These elements include but not limited to aging, ultraviolet radiation from the sunlight, smoking, alcohols, and genetic blueprint.

These factors contribute at different levels and have different influencing power. For example, other factors being normal, aging should set in after the ages of forty, but the story may be different if the individual had been exposed to a varying level of unfavorable conditions.

Smoking foster Wrinkles

Everyone, including smokers, knows that smoking is bad for the body and skin. Nicotine wreaks havoc on the skin by narrowing the blood vessel that carries nutrients and blood to the skin. It also destroys essential protein-rich skin processes in the body—elastin and collagen synthesis. When there’s a decrease or breakdown in the level of collage and elastin, the skin starts to lose its strength, elasticity and wrinkle forms.

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Drinking is Toxic

Alcohol can affect your skin in a variety of ways which includes puffy eyes, bloated face, dehydrated or dry skin.
Remember, the more dryer the skin is, the more cracks or wrinkles that form. Example of an alcoholic drink is margarita and beer. Health experts recommend limiting alcohol intake to a reasonable limit per day.

Moreover, alcohol impairs the building up of more collagen in the body—or skin cell.
Instead of turning alcohol intake into a daily gig, embrace drinking of more

Previously, facelift treatments are through surgery. Right now, the advance in
technological research and studies has given rise to inexpensive and non-surgical
facelift procedures. The product of the researches include lotions, moisturizer, instant skin tightening cream and rapid wrinkle serum.

Facelift serum is effective because it is manufactured with active and natural ingredients.
The ingredients contained are of tiny molecules which makes them penetrates deeper and faster into the skin layer to revitalize and give the skin an instant much more appeal.

While almost everything takes time, you cannot expect “instant-permanent” result. Still, most facelift serum instantly lifts the face and continuous application—for a long time—will gradually fade off

However, not every serum advertised out there works the same way. How effective a brand is will largely depend on the ingredients contained.

Why Sun Exposure Causes Crow’s Feet

The skin is considered the largest organ in the body, providing vital functions to
the human system. Unfortunately, as we age, the ability of the body to manage
these processes depreciates. These result in a series of aging conditions like fine lines, deep lines, wrinkle and crow’s feet.

Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet are the tiny or deep lines that appear around the outer corners of the eyes. They are also considered as a form of wrinkles. Throughout this post, we will use crow’s feet interchangeably because crow’s feet are the lines or wrinkles that form around the corners of the eyes.


Sunlight is a natural source of energy. It helps many living and non-living processes to function as required, but at the same time, it causes aging signs like crow’s feet.

When the sun shines, it emits a type of energy called ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet rays are of two types: UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. UV-C is are filtered by the earth’s ozone layer and are not threatening to the skin. UV-B causes sunburns. The type concerned with fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet is UV-A.

How it Cause Wrinkles?

UV-A has a longer penetrating power to damage the collagen of the skin at the internal level—skin’s dermis. When the skin’s collagen synthesis breaks down or decreases, the skin tissue and muscle will have less strength. This situation will make the skin susceptible to sagginess and become less resistant to wrinkles. The eye region is more vulnerable because the skin around the eyes is very soft compared to that of the entire face.


Here are some preventive measures:

Apply Sunscreen

Sunscreen Spf 30 is a rapid anti aging product in the form of lotions or wrinkle cream that help protect the skin from the damaging rays of the sun. It contains active ingredients, which acts as UV absorbers or reflectors. Absorbers absorb part of the spectrum while UV reflectors scatter the UV rays. This skin protection
is important for areas where the sun has unfettered access to, which the eyes and face are prominent.

Use Sunglasses

If you are not making use of the power of sunglasses, it never too late to get started. Sunglasses will help in protecting the eyes and the skin around it. But make sure to go for a sunglass that offers 100% protection against UV-A and UV-B rays.

Face lift Protection

Rapid wrinkle cream and serums are one of the instant anti aging products that are also effective in preventing the penetrating power of UV-A rays. They contain active
and natural ingredients. These ingredients are composed of tiny molecules which make them penetrate deeper into the skin to firm, “supple” and rejuvenate the face or eye skin.

Most of these rapid wrinkle cream or serum are not as effective as they should be because they contain no or “half-baked” natural ingredients in their formulation. Long term use of these products may even escalate skin problems.

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